National Compliance - About


National Compliance is an authorised Compliance Practice that fulfills the compliance function for Financial Services Providers (FSP’s) on an outsourced basis to ensure compliance within the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) and Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) framework.

Why use National Compliance?

We strive to be a FAIS compliant company that adds value, is innovative and competent.

We guide our clients in the use of best business practices and coach them into making informed decisions.

We set a standard of excellence in our profession reflecting the importance of our work ethic and assisting Financial Services Providers to achieve the highest public regard.

Our Vision

To grow a company with a national presence that adds real value to clients.

Our Mission Statement

To partner with our clients and to employ energetic, competent staff, to provide a professional compliance service.

National Compliance renders its FAIS compliance and other services at an affordable structured rate to suit our clients’ specific needs. Please contact us for a consultation or more information.


Why comply with FAIS?

Every financial services provider (FSP) must comply with the provisions of FAIS as stipulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). National Compliance assists Financial Services Providers in keeping FAIS compliance, not as a once off but rather on an ongoing basis. Gain access to a systematic approach and trusted advice that will assist you in keeping FAIS compliant. National Compliance will provide timely information and services to help with critical business decisions.